Meet the Author Amy Mihaly

I have always been a writer, although I didn’t think of publishing anything until a few years ago. But I have always found writing to be a wonderful way to express my thoughts, passions and ideas.

I grew up devouring books, and learned the power the written word has. Books can introduce an idea, help you understand someone’s life, create the opportunity for new connections, allow you to travel to another place, or lay the platform for a different paradigm!

When I found that I had a passion for health and food, and that I could not get the word out fast enough by simply speaking it, I turned to writing. Blogging and publishing have allowed me to get the message out to many more people.

What is that message? It is a message of hope. Hope that there is a solution to the health problems that are ravaging our nation and ruining the quality of life for many people and families.

To learn more about that message, visit my website And find out how you can make a difference in your life, and the lives of those around you! Come join us!